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Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monthly Resolution - December

Hello lovely people
I hope you're all keeping yourselves toasty warm, or comfortably cool, depending on your location and disposition;)
December the first.  What about that then, an entire month passed by - just like that!  Back on the first of  November I gave thought to resolve something new at the start of each month.  Before a new one, look back at the old.  Let's see, I said I would
  • compile an IMPORTANT INFORMATION station for our new house, in the form of a loose-leaved folder with an index and plastic pockets.  All the quotes, contact details, receipts, etc. in one place.  Organised.  And...... 
  • put together the scraps of fabric/paint colours/favourite magazine pictures into MOODBOARDS for each room (probably) in a separate folder.
So my resolution was to use my new system AT ALL TIMES to better project manage the ongoing house move.
Did I do it?  Hmm, yes to the first.  Not really, ok then, no, to the second.
The house file turned out very useful on a whole host of levels

All the info at my fingertips.  Easy to add to.  Easy to find.  "Pam...Pam!..Where are the *****!!! meter readings?"...."Why, in The House File darling, just check the front index" (chortles;)
Some issues.  Not always good about returning a plastic pocket to the main folder after use, say at the carpet shop, or B&Q.  Some receipts have never made it from pocket/bag/car to relevant folder.  One or two quotes and notes laying about the place instead of safely tucked away.  And very difficult to have to cart the large folder back and forth between two houses on a daily basis (on the bus, flask, sandwiches, etc).  But I'll continue to use this system.  After I've given it a tidy-up.
The moodboards?  Great idea, never got past that stage, sigh.  Hence I continued 'carrying a picture in my head' which, combined with my magnetic attraction to bargain bins and bashed paint tins means I've ended up with a bit of a mish-mash on the home decor front.  Sounds horrendous I know.  Hope to pull it all together after a bit of a rethink and a few bold ideas.  Watch this space.
Ok, so I've resolved this month to  conduct an eco/resources audit.  Involving a sit-down and sort-out of finances, money-savers, carbon/wasting/saving, and so on.  And to do this every month.    Ambitious?  Hmm, maybe.  Sounds a bit vague, short on detail?  You're right.  I've done a fair bit of thinking/reading/research on this one but hey, I'm six days post-op, still on pain-meds, and cranky, ok?  I'll get it together soon and tell you more about it.  Couple of examples do come to mind though.......

  1. at the checkout the bill tops £40 and you say "oh! I've got a voucher (save £8 when you spend £40)'"  Sigh.
  2. at the checkout the bill tops £40 and you say "oh! I've got a voucher (save £8 when you spend £40)'s...expired...yesterday"  Sigh.
And yes, both these examples are out of my chaotic and useless very recent past (aka November).
It can't go on.  Must do better.  Or see headteacher for punishment.
So there you have it, my resolution for December is to get a grip on the finances and resources by holding a Monthly Audit, collecting all necessary paperwork, coupons, vouchers, etc (hey - I could use another loose-leaved indexed folder yeah! Call it 'Money-Saving Central') to make sure they don't go to waste and so Save Our Money.
Lets see how it goes.  I used to be so good at being organised, kind of lost my way.  And with that thought, I'll bid you  a Happy December darlings.  Oh, except to add, I'm back in the kitchen, creating mayhem again soup and dumplings.   Sorry you just get the before/during picture, I got all the after, yum:) (He got the washing-up lol!)

Byebye for now, pamela x
P.s. thanks to Sherri (for being super organised), and all you Frugal Bloggers, for inspiring me into action.  


  1. Happy December! The moodboards are a great idea ... but only for those with a lot of time on their hands! Better luck with this month's resolution x

  2. Sounds like a great idea.
    Love the idea of your house file too.I might hve to creaate one of those for myself, with just moving into the cottage we have cards and numbers everywhere for the logman, coalman, electrician, plumber etc etc, it would make more sense to have it all in one place - I'm going to stel your ideaa afor that one, hope you don't mind?

  3. ps - Must get a new letter "a" key for this laptop, it is maaking my posts look dyslexic lol

  4. Hello Lucy thanks for dropping by,I'm a woman on a mission - getting organised!

    Hello Dreamer, sticky keys - drive me mud lol;)
    I know I got the idea for a House Book from another Blog but not sure where. I have such a lot I look through daily now, and others I stumble on, on a wide range of topics but definitly lots on decluttering and organising - I need them all!
    Take care all
    pamela xxx

  5. Well I hope you do it all,it gets so tedious keeping accurate accounts etc but I am sure it is worth doing,the soup and dumplings sound just right for a cold December day!

  6. Well done on the house file (hmm not a bad idea! maybe I should start something similar), good luck with your plan for December

  7. Your post made me smile today ... be gentle with yourself! You have a million things going on ;.) And to confess... I am TERRIBLE with coupons. I collect them and then they just expire. Honestly, when I go through and see they are expired I am actually thrilled to be able to just throw them out!


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