Be yourself

Be true to you...with a little help
make the connection
say what you feel
and smile, more

Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy birthday babe......

I learned of this children's book on a blog (of course, now I want to find which blog I can't remember!  If it was yours, please tell me).  Anyways, I thought that some of you might like it today especially.  

On the night you were born
the moon smiled with such wonder
that the stars peaked in to see you
and the night wind whispered
"life will never be the same"

Because there had never been anyone like you
ever in the world

excerpt from the lovely book by Nancy Tillman


  1. That's so perfect! I'm hopeful someone out there knows this book...I'd love to read the rest of the story. Happy Holidays!

  2. Of course I should have posted a link, but got distracted trying to remember the blog (s) I saw it on the other day. Lots of people use this story to let their children know how much they're loved. I've edited the post to include a link now. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I hope you had a good christmas time. Enjoy now the days inbetween the years.
    best greetings


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