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Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

2011 Making more of life (1): HOUSE WORKS

2011 Making more of life (1)

Why?  Let's pretend.  Here's where we live....
....a clean and comfortable home, fragrant, and a joy to be in, 
with space to work creatively, or relax, with inspiring artwork and music....
Nice?  Oh hey.  That's the dream, you wouldn't care for the reality.  Trust me.

I live in a big muddle.  BIG.  And I'm prone to major understatements. 
This cannot go on.  So (with a little help from blogland) this is what I'm going to do
  1. Analyse what (A) makes me unhappy and (B) stops me having fun.
  2. Make a plan to tackle (A) and have more (B)
  3. Share the plan and share responsibility for actioning it with the person I live with 

  • We live in a big muddle
  • I'm ashamed, embarrassed, and depressed about this
  • I have very good reasons *for letting things slide
  • Living in a (constant) mess depresses me my creative joyful and purposeful nature
  • Visitors say OMG.  Or how can you live like this.  Or leave
  • I like a clean house
  • I don't like (wasting my time) cleaning
  • I want to play more (and clean less)


  • Not clearing up as we make a mess i.e. take a bath, cook a meal, sew a quilt, etc.
  • Bringing in ten bags of shopping and stepping over it for two days until it drives me mad and I chuck it into the cupboards and fridge which is (still) stuffed with five consecutive cabbages
  • Letting the clean and dirty laundry breed until it takes over every room in the house
  • Being addicted to covering every available surface with stuff
  • Letting the dirt dishes breed and take over the house until we resort to using the camping gear
  • Bringing home more stuff and leaving it in carrier bags and boxes until there is no room and having to look in the bags and boxes before I can remember what was so important that it had to be brought home so urgently.
The Plan
Rules for our tidy house
  • if something comes in something goes out
  • if something comes in it finds it a home straightaway
  • bedtime routine - ten two minute tidy-up
  • bathtime routine - ten two minute tidy-up
  • mealtime routine - ten minute tidy-up including sweep the floors
  • laundry routine - clean and dry and back in the drawer by bedtime
  • the only surface to be covered in stuff is the one in use right now, i.e. when cooking
  • pre-shopping routine - check and clear the food storages no more 'five consecutive cabbages' scenarios,(don't ask)
  • shopping routine - put it all away before the kettle/tv/computer goes on
and two others Keep the Kitchen Sink Clean and Empty, and Nothing to be Left on The Stairs

Phew, feeling better already;)

"I have *very good reasons *for letting things slide" see 2011 Making more of life (2)

1 comment:

  1. Posted once but it disappeared somewhere??

    Lol at your 5 cabbage scenario :)

    I dealt with the last two underlined issues by:

    1) getting a dirty dishes cupboard aka a dishwasher - hides a multitude of messiness and keeps the sink clear. Hardest part is training your OH to put his dishes in there!!

    2)I moved to a bungalow lol, no stairs to clutter.
    Could you redeploy one of your bags hang it on the bannister and fill it with things to go upstairs (and then take it and put things away - that's the harad bit!)

    Good luck!!


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