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Be true to you...with a little help
make the connection
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Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy November .....

Hello folks and welcome to November's first posting.   I hope you had an
enjoyable samhain/halloween/all.hallows.eve/potato picking week/half term break/celtic new year........

Here's my trick.............
Scary eh?  What a shocker!

And here's a treat.........
Much better.  Just lovely!

Thought I'd start marking the first day of each month with a 'New Month's Resolution'.  What do you think?  A sort of theme to carry throughout, to help achieve the bigger aims and objectives more easily, and with a bit less stress and a bit more fun.

Over the weekend I've considered a number of different resolutions.  I also did a fair bit of browsing in blogland.  I got some great ideas.  I know I should be 'counting my blessings' more than I do ( a great theme throughout the bloggysphere).  But what else could I resolve to do which would
  • make my current situation more bearable (more enjoyable would be overly optimistic)
  • get over my strong and deeply held tendency to procrastinate
  • push me to finish those works-in-progress which haven't made any progress in recent history
  • get us moved into number twelve sooner rather than (much) later
Hmmm.  I'm also noting the several folders, scraps of paper, print-outs and notebooks lying around the place.  All holding various IMPORTANT information, plans, shopping lists and checklists regarding the work ongoing at number twelve and the packing-up over here.  And remembering we couldn't find the vital IMPORTANT INFO....... we needed yesterday when deciding on a bathroom design.  (we'd both come up with different measurements for the bathroom.  But that's another story.  P.s. I was right! heehee!)

So November's resolution is self-evident really.

Therefore (tonight)

  1. I'll be compiling an IMPORTANT INFORMATION station, in the form of a looseleaved folder with an index and plastic pockets.  All the quotes, contact details, receipts, etc. in one place.  Organised.  And...... 
  2. I'm (finally) putting together the scraps of fabric/paint colours/favourite magazine pictures into MOODBOARDS for each room (probably) in a separate folder.  I'll carry this around with me so thrifty finds won't be lost (unlike like the curtains I walked away from last week 'cos i wasn't sure if the colour was right or if they'd really 'go' with the (vague) plan I had in mind.  I dashed back later when the penny dropped - perfect absolutely perfect!!! - only to find they'd . . . gone.  And you know what thrift shopping is like.....I'll search and search but will never find the same or similar, ever.  Sigh.
So there you have November's resolution is to use my new system AT ALL TIMES to better project manage the ongoing house move situation.

Now I would credit the source of these inspired organisational tools HERE normally.  Forgive me please as I just can't trace the links.  I believe and were probably involved so thanks anyway!  But if anyone feels left out let me know please x

 Oh yes, about those unfinished projects....................oops.  Another time.

So, what would your resolution be?  Or is once a year enough?
Must dash, meet up soon
pamela x


  1. My plan is decluttering, decluttering, decluttering - not a gift I was born with.
    Decluttering in necessary not only at home but at work, where I have to deal with a big move.

    Good luck with your packing and moving.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and feel welcome!

  2. oh boy. looks like you will be keeping yourself VERy busy over the next year. Your plan to get organized sounds like a good one, and I am superimpressed you are making mood boards for each room! please share them :)

  3. Hi Pamela, I LOVE your 'new month's resolution' idea ... I don't like New YEAR'S resolutions because it is too easy to ignore or put off. (Love more, spend less, lose weight). But a 30 day short-term resolution ... genius! My resolution for the month .. hmm I have to think about that! I loved your post today - It has gotten me thinking. Thanks for stopping by mine and for mentioning me in yours ;) "Keep Calm and Carry On!" (I know, overdone right now but still the best advice!) xo Sherri

  4. A new house and a move, how exciting! I'm sure that prospect will help you stick to your new system. Good luck!

  5. Oh! it was so great to come back home tonight from working on number twelve (hereby renamed 'the batcave' 'cos it's dark, dusty and smells bad!) to find such lovely encouraging comments waiting to welcome me:)

    Thanks all, I'm very grateful:)
    pamela x

  6. Pamela, you put a smile on my face!! Sherri, told me of your posting so I just had to peek. When you said that seeing posts brightened your day, another motivation to post a comment. Pray, Plan, and Play for 10 minutes each day. Pray (starts and ends my day) Plan (written game plan), Play (exercise). Idea from a group I follow. It is working for me. I think of November as a month of being Thankful, so my goal is: Plan each day and appreciate what I have. From one procrastinator to another. Later is not an option.

  7. Ah Robbie that's very thoughtful of you! I think a little framework is just the thing to peg my days onto, you're right there. Thanks for the link I'll be checking it out.

    pamela x


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