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Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

At the top of our stairs.....................

Hello all and thanks for popping in.  And special hugs to Clare at Summerfete for being my first visitor to leave a friendly word, I'm very honoured!  Just for you, a sneaky peak................

 More of that later.

So how are you today?  Feeling perky, shambolic? struggling through? Fancy a diversion into someone else's chaos?  Me too!  I'm dodging the builder's yard that is Number Twelve - and I'll spare you the pictures, believe me, it's not a pretty sight.

Firstly, I caught up on some essential housey tasks - two hours to tackle the backlog of washing up.  Rewarded with a morning coffee browsing in Blogland searching for inspiration - I found loads!!!  Loved the sleeve for an Ikea lamp over at Cicada Daydream so simple but effective, thanks Michelle, I'll  be making a few of those.  And I can't resist room makeovers can you?  Especially when home-crafted loveliness just fits right in!  Blair has some beautiful hand-blocked curtains in her bedroom now which I'd love to have a go at making.  Maybe I should be less ambitious and start off with a napkin lol!  (That's a serviette to our American buddies who are all saying yeaugh thinking I mean something else!)

I tackled a bit of make-do and mend in the shape of cleaning-up two of the grotty but potentially gorgeous lightfittings amongst the leavings we found at Number Twelve.  

 How about bargain of the week number one - two cans of spray paint totalled £4 at the till :) Not sure if matt aubergine is the way to go for chandeliers though, what do you say?

Well, maybe I'm being a bit optimistic, we'll see. 

 Then whilst carefully negotiating various hazards on a trip to the top with fresh laundry - our bedroom is in the attic here - I realised you might enjoy a peak at my workroom-in-transit.  After four years in this house I had only just got said workroom properly organised (sorry I can't locate a picture just now) only for us to buy a new house and now..............  

all my careful organisation gone to pot, aka top staircase.......
 Check-out my labelling system
 Vintage and ethnic
 Thrifted garments all prepared for re-purposing.........
 some new, fat quarters and remnants ..........
and boxes and boxes of bits and pieces....
Typical isn't it?  A mad couple of hours to pack up stash and tools (a stash and grab haha!) and my functional and fabulous workplace was no more, all returned to spare bedroom mode for man-who-rewires to stay for the week.  Ah, well.

 I found bargain of the week number two in a charity shop.  £1.50 for a pair of gloriously pink unused pillowcases.  Now have several pairs, all in strong colours.  Just perfect for appliqued flowers, or patchwork, lovely.  And how do you like the handknitted scarf I finished last November whilst on holiday?  Have to say I struggled with the 8 line pattern.  Think I'll try crochet next time.  Saw a lovely granny-square-scarf by Blair again, she's a clever one!  Don't you just adore 'how-to's'?  I wonder how you organise them?  I try to keep a list but can never find it when i need it.  Sigh.

Another tea-break and a leaf through back issues of gorgeousness for further inspiring pictures...................

I'm on a quest for a Lloyd Loom chair, please:)

 No decision yet on paint colours or bedroom wallpaper.......or bathroom for that matter.  But it's fun trying!

And now two unfinished projects.  One (as peaked above) for grandaughter number one a flower fairies snuggler......

and for Little Sis the student midwife a Thai fabric souvenir refashioned into something a bit special........

and finally, an old favourite of my very own ..................

Hope you've enjoyed visiting, have a pleasant evening, see you soon x x x


  1. Well hello again!
    I'm sure you'll have stack load of comments with sneak peeks and lovely patchwork!

    I do feel strangely akin to you already, must be all those tubs of fabrics!


    I shall do a post on our house to do projects, soon.

  2. Hello Pamela! Welcome to blogland. I found you over at Summerfete's blog. It looks as though you are going to have lots of lovely projects to share with us all!

  3. Oooo thank you both:) I'm really excited to find comments from such friendly folks! Looking forward to your post Clare, 'soon'!

  4. Hi Pamela, thanks for commenting on my blog today! I had to take a look at what you are doing ... wow! you are one busy lady :) I will look forward to watching your progress.

  5. Well, it doesn't look like you're going to be bored any time soon! Just think how much fun it will be to look back over your blog posts in a year and see how far you've come. :-) All be the best with all of your projects.

    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog! Have a wonderful weekend...

  6. Posting from California I loved your comments it was if your British accent was coming thru the airways. Tonight is Halloween here, with lots of children coming to our door with these lovely creative costumes on. I could see you being one of the designers.

  7. Thank you to all for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them. And thanks to my new followers too x

    pamela x


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