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Be true to you...with a little help
make the connection
say what you feel
and smile, more

Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Friday, 5 November 2010

Anyone coming out to play.....?

Hello folks

How are you this bonfire night?  Had a quiet night in myself.  Big aerosol factory fire near us today, had enough smoke, flames, bangs and whistles thank you very much.  Veg chow mein and apple crumble for supper, very nice, all gone.  Snacks prepared for tomorrow's slog in the batcave.  White shirts gleaming on their hangers for next week's worker.  Car packed with bags of rubble, stripped wallpaper and various detritus ready for drop off at tip first thing.  Sugar soaping and ceilings to wallpaper weekend ahead.  Sigh.

What to look forward to?  Hmmm.........

Dates in my diary!

November 23rd
Will be joining coachful of lovely o.a.peeps on christmas shopping day outing to Leeds.  Personally would love to be hitting the charity shops, department store habby departments, vegan health food type shop.  But only if I can sneak away whilst peeps have lunch.  Any tips on goodies from locals in the know?  Anyone free for a coffee?  P.s. I can't walk fast or far.

November 26th - 28th
Knitting and Stitching Show Harrowgate.  Sounds delightful.  I've never been to a big crafty show (maybe I'll get supplies needed for My Big Project - discuss later).  I'm excited, and scared.  Any advice?  P.s. Am in the north-east and don't drive, car-share anyone?

Oh and I'm very pleased to say I'm hoping to be included in the quest by to provide winter clothes and toys for 1,000 little'uns.  Hope I wasn't too slow to catch the boat on that one.  Take a look there might still be room for you too!

So then, a few treats to look forward to after all;)

No fresh photo's today so here's another one from last November in the English Lake District....

You're very lucky if you live over there (I used to, sigh).

Well,  I'm off for a shower and an early night now.  I'm hoping to post about blogging soon.  It's been a good experience so far.  But one or two snags.  I'm hoping for tips and advice.  I'll sleep on it.

Night-night all.

pamela x

p.s. any look-forward-to dates in your diary?

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  1. That is a beautiful picture - oh to dream.

    Have a fabulous weekend and fingers crossed for a nice bright one though the rain has stayed away far.

    take care,

    Nina xxxx


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