Be yourself

Be true to you...with a little help
make the connection
say what you feel
and smile, more

Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Small Rewards ......

Hello folks, how are you?  Had a busy day?  Well now......

After a day at the batcave......

all a girl

a sit down in the fresh air with.......a nice cuppa........ooh that's just lovely........;)

while she ponders what to do with the latest leavings discovered at number twelve, yes, it's another pair of dirty dusty lightfittings...........hmmm......paint or polish?

And she wonders what this evenings forage to the big DIY emporium might yield.  And where she's going to find the energy from.  She's going for lining paper, masking tape, brushes and ceiling paint but is hoping for some bargains and some inspiration.

And she expects she'll return home with at least ten things that weren't on her list.

Well, here's hoping this trip out is followed pretty closely by a long hot shower!

Better get on with it then.  Leaving you with leaves, the indoor foliage variety not the golden glory that is autumn in the north, hope you likey;)..............

Thanks for visiting, byebye for now.

pamela x

P.s. since you ask - mine's rooibus with soya milk, and on occasion an added teaspoon of demerara, thanks! (Oops sorry Clare and anyone else who's in the dark rooibus is also known as Redbush tea from South Africa originally - infact I was introduced to it by my lovely friend Sara who was from that great country!  You can now buy it everywhere).

Just wondering, what's your tipple of choice?


  1. But its fun, this diy lark, no?

    I have no idea what rooibus is, and I'm a herbal tea drinker.


  2. Hi Pamela
    Well I just like tea, just normal tea with no milk or sugar. It must be loose tea though, no tea-bags for me!!
    Vivienne x

  3. Love Yogi green tea. It comes with a saying on each bag and oh is the tea yummy. My quote today on the bag is "The rhythm of life is when you experience your own body, mind and soul." Sometimes I like the sayings and sometimes they seem a little silly.

  4. Thanks for all the tea folks!

    Loose tea Vivienne, I'm impressed. Very eco-friendly, no bleached paper in your cup, just like the olden days;) I'm sorry to report I've discarded many a brew when I've spotted a few floaters 'cos the bag has burst, sigh.

    Robbie I love Yogi teas too. Sweet Chai is my absolute favourite and those little sayings are very good for me. And recently they were giving away glass mugs with each box - I bagged two!

    pamela x

  5. Your blog is coming along nicely! hope the moving is going ok.

  6. Pamela - thank you for stopping by to say hello. It's so good to 'meet' you. As you can see, perhaps, I've wandered around your blog until I found my self here, at this posting. Actually, I think I've read the whole blog now and just came to this one. It's wonderful! My tea of choice right now is, well, I don't know what the name is because my son is happily keeping me stocked with Taiwan tea and I can't read Mandarin. I can say that I like the green bag best, so far. Does that help? ~grins~


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