Be yourself

Be true to you...with a little help
make the connection
say what you feel
and smile, more

Word for 2011

My word of the year is TRY.
I give up too easily,
I don't start because I think I'll never finish,
This year if it looks interesting,
if it looks worthwhile,
if it's something I always wanted to do,
well, this year I'm going to TRY
and lets see how much more I can achieve

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Get on with it pamela . . . Carpe diem!

Hello everyone.
Nice to see you!
So, how are you this grey and dismal January sunday morning?
Still snuggling under cosy old Radio Blanket?

a few magazines or some favourite paperbacks 
tempting you to linger ?

Come on now.......
that's the idea, get a tasty breakfast inside you

do a few stretches

plan a few adventures 

take a break along the way......

meet up with a few friends

and take a the top!

Now don't you feel better?
That's grand!
Bye bye for now
And thank you all so much for stopping by
and for all your lovely fantastic comments!
See you again soon;)


  1. hi love all the pictures and the picture of your friend the Mr Fox!. Sounds like an ideal way to spend the day.I am decluttering and reading blogs! at the moment x

  2. Decluttering is a marathon event lol!

  3. That looked like a great walk! I really need to get up some hills, maybe when it's a little warmer though! Well done for getting a pic of the fox! :) x

  4. Decluttering and ebaying here too - it's grim! I was up nice and early and raring to climb Roseberry Topping but it's pouring down :(

  5. me? sat on the sofa sewing patchwork all day!

  6. Chomsky! Adventures! Breaks! Piles of stones! what a great vicarious morning for me, in a landscape quite different from yours.

  7. Thanks for that! I do feel much better!!!

  8. LOL, and you did this all before, what, 6am? I seriously envy you the stamina...or is it something you ate?? Hope the rest of your day goes so well. Hugs, Kayli

  9. We should all go outdoors together - what a great day out that would be! (maybe leave the patchwork at home? hehe).

  10. That looks like a good walk! Is that a fox? We saw a fox in winter coat once. It was just outside our windows. Beautiful.


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